Mentor session with my photography crush ∙ Palm Beach Newborn Photographer

Every photographer has to start somewhere. Usually in the beginning, we start out shooting anything and everything in an attempt to find our niche. I started photographing children, families, all that good stuff. The one thing I didn’t enjoy were newborns (shocker, right?). It was the hardest type of session because of the time and effort you put in to get a great shot  and it just wasn’t for me. 

This was true up until about five years ago. Something clicked (yay puns) and I wanted to photograph babies more and more until I one day I realized I had found my true love. Wanting to be serious about it and do it right, I decided the best place to really develop my skills would be to attend a workshop with a photographer I admired; Amy from Dewdrops Photography. It was a workshop with 8 other photographers and I learned so much. The biggest lesson I took away was safety when posing newborns. To me, this was the most important thing to me as I want to always make sure my client’s littles are in the best of hands. After spending the day with Amy, I wanted more. I wanted to have her all to myself to pick her brain, so a few years later I booked a 1:1 session with her. Literally a dream come true!

I learned so much from this 1:1 session. From new posing techniques, creative shooting angles, and she even helped me with my session workflow. It was just me, my mentor, and 4 of the cutest newborn squishes! I’ve already begun using my newfound knowledge on my clients and can honestly say that I am a better photographer for it!